Counselling Intern

When darkness looms you must venture inward as opposed to looking outward. The light lives within and we’ll venture together to find it and bring it out. I believe in a holistic approach because every person has what they require to heal inside.

Sometimes people go to therapy and come out feeling the same as they went in and have no new perspective. I believe this is because the person hasn’t been asked the right questions or challenged. I endeavour to ensure my clients see a new perspective, develop insight into their patterns and behaviours and take responsibility for themselves in life. I work in a trauma-focused and trauma-informed way to help you integrate the root cause.

My unique approach to therapy was developed through 7 years of personal mentorship with Dr. Gabor Matè, my education and many other years of deep personal trauma healing and exploration. I incorporate somatic work with internal family systems, psychodynamic exploration, chronic pain reprocessing and plant medicine integration.

I am passionate about guiding people on a journey of self-exploration and personal responsibility. Healing is a mix of self-awareness, self-responsibility and compassion. Suffering is our own creation which means we can create something new, I would love to show you how.

If you are a highly sensitive, empathic person who finds you put the needs of others ahead of your own. Find you feel guilty saying no or taking care of your own needs, I will help you foster a new path. We’ll work together to help you regulate your nervous system, develop strength in boundaries and learn to take care of yourself before caring for the needs of others. I can also guide you through pain reprocessing for chronic pain conditions.

Beyond my regular practice host menstrual medicine workshops, Constellation groups, equine experiential learning groups and hypnosis and horses workshops.

My original psychotherapy training was through a small Integrative-experiential private school in Toronto. I discovered I wanted more which led me to pursue my Master’s in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville. I have also obtained my Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning certificate and Clinical Hypnosis certificate. I have completed several courses in Trauma including the Trauma Research Foundations certificate in trauma stress, Internal Family Systems for Complex Trauma and Embodiment for Trauma.

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With easy online scheduling, flexible times and accessible video sessions, going to therapy is more attainable than ever before – Laura offers affordable pricing that accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. 

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Laura is currently providing online counselling and psychotherapy services to residents of Ontario and Laura’s  services are supervised by a registered psychotherapist and a registered psychologist.  Psychotherapy services and psychological services may be covered through your extended health insurance plan.  We recommend all new clients check the specific details of their extended health insurance plans to understand their coverage.