Counselling Intern

If there is one thing that I believe wholeheartedly it is the statement that, “you are enough.” No matter the circumstance, feeling, or emotion, we are able to navigate the situation. We may just need some help along the way. I focus on a holistic approach which integrates the mind, body, and spirit and truly believe if one of these three are not aligned, it creates a ripple effect throughout the rest of our being.

I believe that when you sit down with me you understand your life the best and therefore, I use a narrative style approach to collaboratively help you reach your goals. In a safe and supported way I invite you to challenge yourself to go outside your comfort zone in order to learn and grow. I am also passionate about using mindfulness modalities such as breathwork and guided imagery as it can assist us with feeling present in the moment and turn our focus towards ourselves. My goal is to help you stay committed to your personal values and goals while accepting and embracing the negative experiences we may have in life.

I have experience in the trauma and crisis field and working with those who may have experienced post-traumatic stress. In addition to this, I have also worked with individuals making transitions within their lives and assisted them through their anxiety, depression, and negative self-worth.

If you feel as though we may be a good match, I invite you to take the next step in your journey and reach out to me for a free consultation!

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With easy online scheduling, flexible times and accessible video sessions, going to therapy is more attainable than ever before – Kassia offers affordable pricing that accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. 

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Kassia is currently providing online counselling and psychotherapy services to residents of Ontario and Kassia’s  services are supervised by a registered psychotherapist and a registered psychologist.  Psychotherapy services and psychological services may be covered through your extended health insurance plan.  We recommend all new clients check the specific details of their extended health insurance plans to understand their coverage.