Counselling Intern

Are you feeling discouraged, anxious, or downright depressed? Are you feeling like you cannot trust yourself anymore? Are you feeling like you need to finally start putting yourself first for once? I am here to help. I understand how vulnerable you may feel making the first step, but know I’m proud of you for coming even this far! If you want to start trusting yourself and building your confidence, we can create attainable goals and help you achieve them. I aim to provide a safe space through mindfulness based techniques, and other outside the box tools as well. If you feel most safe with a candle on, or rock music, I’m here for it!

Once we create that strong foundation of safety I provide a wide array of approaches, including CBT, solution focused therapy and narrative models. By using an integrative approach, we can find the root of the concern you have and use many different tools to customize your healing; no temporary or band aid solutions here! I am motivated to find the solution.

I provide care based on the notion that you are the expert on your own experience, even if you do not feel like you are. Lets get you back to feeling in control of your life, and back to writing your own story. If you are interested in finally being heard, click my website and book with me. I’m excited to connect with you!

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With easy online scheduling, flexible times and accessible video sessions, going to therapy is more attainable than ever before – Felicity offers affordable pricing that accepts a wide variety of insurance plans. 

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Felicity is currently providing online counselling and psychotherapy services to residents of Ontario and Felicity’s  services are supervised by a registered psychotherapist and a registered psychologist.  Psychotherapy services and psychological services may be covered through your extended health insurance plan.  We recommend all new clients check the specific details of their extended health insurance plans to understand their coverage.