TARA WATSON, BA (Hons), MACP Candidate
Counselling Intern

Tara holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and History from Trent University. She has completed the coursework component of the Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program at Yorkville University and is completing her 8-month counselling internship with Sirtonski Wellness Space from September 2018-April 2019.  In addition to her formal education, Tara has received additional training in expressive arts therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, crisis and suicide intervention, and mental health first aid.

Tara’s volunteer and employment experience has provided her opportunities in working with diverse populations. She volunteered as a crisis line responder for the Toronto Distress Centre where she provided emotional support and crisis intervention to service users. Tara has also previously held a role where she worked at a Violence Against Women shelter where she developed, implemented, and facilitated recreational programming for children and adolescents residing at the shelter. Tara currently works at a residential mental health facility for adults with mental illness.


Tara is excited to begin her journey as a counselling intern at Sirtonski Wellness Space. She aims to build a strong therapeutic relationship with each client from the start to ensure a safe and comfortable space to share, heal, and grow. Tara believes in the importance of working collaboratively with each client; establishing goals and working together to determine a plan to achieve these goals. Since no two people are the same and everyone experiences hardships in their own way, Tara recognizes the importance of modifying therapy to meet the unique needs of each individual client. She also encourages the development of self-awareness and the ability to recognize the connections within different areas of one’s life. Tara is a warm, empathic and compassionate listener who cares deeply for the details of her clients lives and looks forward to learning how she can support the journeys of each new client who chooses to work with her at our clinic.

Tara’s (reduced intern rate) counselling services are supervised by Registered Psychotherapist, Brittany Sirtonski, (psychotherapy services) as well as Registered Psychologist, Nicole McCance (psychological services).  Services are covered through extended healthcare – ‘psychotherapy services’ and ‘psychological services’.

Tara offers free 15-20 minute phone and in-person consultations to new clients.

Call us today at (905) 213-2043 to schedule your first session with Tara, so she can support you in navigating this important time in your life.