Registered Psychotherapist & Expressive Arts Practitioner

Clinic Supervisor / Director / Owner

Many of the problems we experience in life can be traced back to parts of ourself that are wounded or not properly integrated. I help you to reflect and make sense of your experience, and to work through areas of your life that bring discomfort. In moving through these discomforts/stuck areas in a new way, you release these wounds, become free from their grasp & move into more aligned, embodied & authentic living. We cannot fully integrate (become whole in our life) unless we heal and integrate all parts (this includes shadow work, healing parental and childhood wounds, ego work, sacred sexuality, reprogramming belief systems, etc.).

I use a variety of therapeutic approaches that take into account the whole person (body, mind, spirit), as well as energy medicine, embodiment, visualization, journaling and breathwork. I also help individuals through the preparation and integration phases with psychedelic medicines, spiritual growth / crisis / emergence, and healing the inner feminine/masculine dualities.

Our biggest moments of crisis, when worked with appropriately, are in fact our greatest sources of personal growth and transformation. I often challenge the medical model paradigm, & instead help clients recognize and tap into the innate healing potential / wisdom that each person possesses within.

I completed my internship within a large private practice working extensively with children, adolescents, and their families.   My work here focused on the integration of cognitive-behavioural therapy with play therapy and animal-assisted therapy techniques and I worked with children, adolescents, and families with diverse issues and challenges.

My diverse background includes working as an Arts and Dance Educator, Crisis Support Worker, Research Assistant, as well as involving myself in the community with various organizations and private practices. Throughout the years, I have worked in teams alongside art therapists, counsellors, occupational therapists and facilitators in a variety of community and clinical settings.  I work with individuals and groups of many backgrounds including children as young as three years old, up to and including the senior population, individuals with learning challenges, physical/developmental challenges, cognitive impairments, and mental illnesses.